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Introducing our new Solar Fluorescent, Carport, Shed, Boat and tent Light. This solar light is design to make solar light application easy and effortless. Our design is unique and original. This is the best 4G LED Streetlight built to urban and rural application. Xtiroyal Fluorescent light has built-in Lithium battery, charge controller and powerful LED light source.

What makes our light Unique?

1. The uniqueness of our new lighting solutions comes in multiple parts. First is the Weatherproof feature of the solar light system. Xtiroyal Solar Fluorescent light comes with a complete ABS plastic external housing with aluminium bars inside lighting system for efficient heat dissipation. The light is perfectly design for any outdoor applications and seen below.

2. Bright LED Light – By using a powerful LED Light source, we guarantee the luminous of our solar light.

3. Flexible Solar Panel – Our new solar fluorescent light also comes with either a standard or flexible solar panel. The price quote on our website is for the flexible solar panel. Customer may elect to only purchase the lighting system and add their choice of solar panel brand to it. Using this design make our solar fluorescent, carport and shed light scale-able, which means, user can add as many solar light as needed for demanding weather conditions.

4. Variable Lighting Modes – Our solar fluorescent light comes with the versatility that allow users to change the brightness of the light. The flexibility in the design makes the solar light suitable for multiple outdoor lighting application. The solar light comes with a remote control.

5. Microwave Sensor – The variable lighting mode functions is designed with the advanced microwave motion sensor.