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Xtiroyal Solar Energy Solutions is a renewable energy company that provides quality alternative lighting solutions and energy supply products to help reduce the energy costs of illuminating our homes and businesses.  Xtiroyal Solar provides our customers with high quality solar modules, advanced small wind energy systems, All-in-one and All-in-two residential and commercial lighting solutions, power generators, mobile charging units/stations and Battery systems. 

Our mission is to provide quality Do-It-Yourself (DIY) outdoor lighting solutions, and Off-Grid Solar and Wind energy solutions to billion of people with limited access to electricity or those seeking to promote sustainable living in the United States and around the World.


Our Company was established primarily to help Homeowners and Commercial property managers overcome the challenges that come with the decision to go Solar due to lack of education. Our goal as a result is to help our customers understand how to gain their independence from utilities companies that hike their prices every year. By using Solar lighting products or systems, our customers do not have to worry about increase in energy rates, and they get to maintain the same benefit for up to 25 years.

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